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About Ginger's e-Juice

Ginger's e-Juice, Inc. was founded because I wanted to share the same e-liquid that I was making for myself, with everyone.  It truly IS that simple.  I wanted to make the best possible e-Juice for myself, made from the best possible ingredients in the USA, and without ANY ingredients from China... and I've been sharing it with the world since April of 2012.  Just like how the top chefs use only the best ingredients in their restaurants, I only use the absolute BEST ingredients in Ginger's e-Juice...and that will never change.... EVER!  Remember... I vape Ginger's e-Juice too!!  :)   

Back in 2012, when I founded Ginger's e-Juice, vaping was relatively "new" and almost all of the e-Juice that you could purchase, was from China.  Now and days, there are a LOT of USA-based companies... but the thing that made us stand out back then, is the same thing that makes us stand out now; We outright REFUSE to cut corners and buy cheaper ingredients.  In fact, when the cost of our ingredients has gone up (and they have... oh boy, have they ever) we have never passed that cost on to you.

A lot of other things have changed since then too...  new mods, new tanks, new sub-ohms... the technology has been a glorious thing to behold!  Nevertheless, the care, quality (and love) that I put into each and every batch of Ginger's e-Juice, has remained the same.  

I hope that you'll agree that Ginger's e-Juice is something VERY special.  We're not your average e-Juice store... not by a long shot.  We don't just do e-Juice... we do GOURMET e-Juice!  If you're not happy, we're not happy... and that's that!

If you are new to vaping, you're bound to have TONS of questions.  I encourage everyone to go to the Facebook page and post your questions there, so that other experienced vapers can help you out.   If you are unsure about certain flavors, please read the reviews left by previous buyers.... it might help you decide!

Thanks for reading, and HAPPY VAPING EVERYONE!! :)

~ Christin "Ginger" Murvin, President & CEO

Please see the Q&A section for more in-depth details of the ingredients, and for answers to some of your more common questions about e-cigarettes and/or vaping.

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