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About Ginger's e-Juice

Ginger's e-Juice, Inc. was founded because I wanted to share the same e-liquid that I was making for myself, with everyone.  It truly IS that simple.  I wanted to make the best possible e-Juice for myself... and now I'm sharing it with you. :)

It all started when I was first introduced to e-cigarettes and vaping.  I was fortunate enough to have a local e-cigarette retail store.  Therefore, I was able to taste all the different flavors available, and test all the different e-cig models that they had available.  (At the time, I had no understanding of how VALUABLE it was to be able to do all of that.)

As much as I loved the idea of vaping, and really wanted to stick with it, I honestly just hated the flavor of the e-liquids that were available.  They were all made in China (most e-liquids out there ARE made in China) and I didn't like the taste of them.  I also didn't like how sweet they were, how they upset my stomach (and/or how they seemed to mess with my blood sugar levels.)

So... being the strong-willed and determined person that I am... I set out to make my OWN e-liquid, so that I could make something that I would be HAPPY vaping all day.  I didn't care about the cost of ingredients, because I wanted the VERY BEST for my own body.   So I set out to find the best ingredients possible.  It took me quite a lot of research, and testing, and time, and development... but I finally nailed it.  The day came when I realized that the flavor that I wanted to make - the very flavor that I had imagined it to be - was finally in my possession!!

I had to quickly make more of it, because I couldn't contain myself!!  I wanted to let everyone that I came in contact with, taste how good it was!!  And, my local e-cig vendor also agreed that I had a "winner" on my hands!  That's when he asked me if I could possibly make enough for him to sell at his store... and that's the exact moment when Ginger's e-Juice, Inc. was born.

Many many more recipes have since been perfected... and now, I am proud to share them with the world, and to let you taste all the care and attention (and love) that I put into each and every batch of Ginger's e-Juice.  

Just like how the top chefs use only the best ingredients in their restaurants, I only use the absolute BEST ingredients in my e-Juice...and that will never change.... EVER!  Remember... I vape this e-Juice too!! :)   

If you are new to vaping, you're bound to have TONS of questions.  I encourage everyone to go to the Facebook page and post your questions there, so that other experienced vapers can help you out too.

I hope that you'll agree that Ginger's e-Juice is something VERY special.  We're not your average e-Juice store... not by a long shot.  We do Gourmet e-Juice, made with the very best ingredients possible.  If you're not happy, we're not happy... and that's that. :)


~ Christin "Ginger" Murvin, President & CEO

Please see the Q&A section for more in-depth details of the ingredients, and for answers to some of your more common questions about e-cigarettes and/or vaping.