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Age Verification

8/7/2016 by Ginger's e-Juice, Inc.

We use Veratad Technologies IDresponse Age & Identity Verification, to verify that you are indeed old enough to purchase our products. Our "target" age is 21+, because of certain state/county rules. If you are between 18 and 21, and wish to purchase our products, please call us, so that we can verify your age manually within the Veratad portal. Your age/identity is checked twice. It is checked at the time you create your account within the website, and again during checkout. If your age/identity can not be verified, your transaction will not go through. Veratad does NOT sell your valuable customer information. At no time is your social security number needed, either. All data to verify your age/identity is taken from your billing address, and your date of birth. To ENSURE that all of your personal information is kept safe, Ginger's e-Juice, Inc. has purchased a new SSL certificate, as well as a secure URL for checkout. Your information will NEVER be sold or distrubuted to another party. Ever!
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