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Attn: Retail Vendors

Posted by Ginger's e-Juice, Inc. on 6/8/2014

At this time we are "capping" the number of Wholesale Retail Vendors, and are not accepting any new inquiries.

We are in the process of hiring new employees, and training them.  After that process is completed, and feel we can take on more responsibility, then we will begin adding more Retail Vendors.

We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause you, and ask that you check back at a later time.  Thank You.

(Side note:  the original posting of this "capping" was in February... and we have tried to hire many people since, but none have worked out.  We are extending this cap, until we can find quality full-time employees, and then grow from there.  It has been an extremely difficult process, but we hope to find quality employees soon. At the time of this additional side note, posted in June, our waiting list has grown to over 750 potential vendors, and we will be adding vendors in the order in which the inquiries were first placed.)

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