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New Stuff and the "gist" on the Upcoming FDA Regs

Posted by Ginger's e-Juice, Inc. on 6/15/2016 to News

We have 2 topics to cover, but they are somewhat intertwined... so I'll start with the exciting stuff first :)


NEW STUFF has been added to the website!!

- New Flavor!  Orange Creamsicle... perfect to cool you down from the summer heat!

- 50 ml plastic child-resistant bottles

- 1.5mg (0.15%) Nicotine level... for those of you ALMOST down to zero, but still need a little tiny something ;)

- We have also created new labels for everything too!  :)


WHY HAVE WE DONE ALL OF THIS NEW AND EXCITING STUFF??  Well, the reason isn't quite so exciting.  As you all probably know by now, the FDA has issued their deeming regulations, and while there's no need to panic right now, THE MARKET FOR ALL VAPING PRODUCTS WILL FREEZE ON AUGUST 8TH, 2016.

That's right.  In roughly 2 months, the market is frozen.  After August 8th, 2016 no new ANYTHING can be added to any website or storefront.  No new ejuice flavors, no new nicotine levels, no new bottle sizes, no new tanks, no new coils, no new batteries, no new mods... no new anything at all.  Therefore, we are doing everything we can to add every possible thing you might want NOW (within our power, of course) because we can't do it after August 8th, 2016... no matter how much we would love to.


THE GOOD NEWS:  EVERYTHING THAT YOU ARE ENJOYING TODAY, CAN STILL BE ENJOYED FOR THE NEXT 2 YEARS.  There is no need to massively stock up in bulk, there is no need to panic, and there is no need to rip your hair out...not yet, at least! ;)  You have 2 years to help fight the good fight (see below) and enjoy all of your favorite products.  You will be able to BUY all of your favorite products for the next two years as well.  I repeat, there is NO need to panic at this exact moment in time!  :)


THE BAD NEWS: In 2 years (August 8th, 2018) the market will basically go underground into the black market.... mainly because no one will be able to cough up the money needed for the FDA regulations.  Unless you have an extra 10 Billion dollars lying around, you won't be able to pull it off.  The only people that have THAT kind of money lying around, is Big Tobacco and Big Pharma... hence why all of this is REALLY going on in the first place.  


WHAT CAN I DO???  IS THERE HOPE??  YES - there IS hope out there on the horizon, and your help is greatly needed on all fronts!!

1.   Support HR 2058 and the Cole-Bishop Ammendment <--- click on that, to contact your state lawmakers.  CASAA has made things REALLY simple for you... all you have to do is click and type, and then feel really great about helping! :)

2.  Contact your local and state Representatives!! If you haven't already done that, do it NOW!!! Seriously, stop reading this, and go contact them right now!!! Let your voice be heard, and make SURE to tell them how vaping has improved your life, and how horrible and unpleasant your life will be 2 years from now!!

3.  KEEP contacting your state lawmakers/representatives!!  They say that the sqeaky wheel gets the grease... so BE that sqeaky wheel, and be that squeaky wheel WEEKLY!!!    LET THEM KNOW THAT YOU ARE A VOTER, and will vote according to their support (or lack thereof) of the vaping industry!!!

4.  Join CASAA, and stay informed! Here is their  website page, and Facebook page, and Twitter handle.  

5.  If you feel inclined, you can donate to the coalition that has been formed to legally fight the FDA's deeming regulations  HERE.

The R2B (Right to be Smoke Free) Coalition:

CASAA (Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association)

AVA (American Vaping Association)

SFATA (Smoke-Free Alternatives Trade Association)

NBS (Not Blowing Smoke)

AEMSA (American E-Liquid Manufacturing Standards Association)

(Ginger's e-Juice, Inc already contributes to 4/5 of the above organizations individually every single month, hence why we are not listed on the R2B website.)


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