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What makes Ginger's e-Juice special?  Ginger's e-Juice is NOT your typical e-liquid manufactured in China. I personally make every batch of Ginger's e-Juice from scratch, using only the very BEST ingredients possible. Most of the e-liquid (a.k.a. e-Juice) available in retail stores and websites is made in China, and is then re-labeled and re-distributed with their own store name.  With Ginger's e-Juice, 0.00% of the ingredients are from China.  I can personally guarantee that, because I make it all myself.  I know exactly what is in every last little drop of Ginger's e-Juice... and NONE of it comes from China. :)

What ingredients are in Ginger's e-Juice?  The ingredients are USP Kosher Propylene Glycol, USP Kosher Palm Vegetable Glycerin.  I also use pharmaceutical-grade 100 mg strength Nicotine, which is lab-tested and lab-certified.  The flavoring(s) that I use, come from only a few select companies, that are also lab-tested and certified. The nicotine and flavorings are both in a PG base, and are included in the overall PG/VG formulation.  Because I make every batch of Ginger's e-Juice from scratch, and order all the ingredients separately, I can say with utmost certainty that only the BEST ingredients are in Ginger's e-Juice.... and that will never change :)  

Is there Diacetyl in Ginger's e-Juice?  NO.  Absolutely Not.  I am extremely picky about the flavorings that I use, because of that fact.  If they can't show me proof that they have tested for this chemical (or disclose what flavorings may contain Diacetyl) then I won't use their flavorings at all.... end of story.  Your health (and my own health) is of utmost importance!

What is the difference between 50/50 and 80/20?  Let's break it down:

50% PG/50% VG:
- Larger plumes of vapor clouds
- Less throat hit
- Significantly thicker, less carto-friendly, but still tank-friendly
- Those with PG sensitivities will be happier with this blend

80% PG/20% VG: (the "standard" blend)
- Still big vapor clouds, but not the huge giant plumes
- More throat hit
- Thinner, VERY carto-friendly and also tank-friendly
- Those with PG sensitivities might have issues with this blend
Do you use sweeteners in your e-Juice?  NO.  There is no sugar, no Aspartame, no Sweet-N-Low, no Splenda, no saccharine, no sucralose!  (if I left one out, that's not in it either!)  All that stuff you try to stay away from in your daily diet choices, I stay away from too!   Instead, I use a combination of flavors that are naturally sweet all by themselves to create the "taste" of sweetness.  
Do I need to let your e-Juice steep for best flavor?  You shouldn't need to steep your eJuice after receiving it!  Absolutely ALL of my e-Juice is already steeped (for at least a week) before I bottle it up and/or ship it out!  If you would like to steep it further, that will certainly add to the flavor... but that's up to you!  :)
How quickly do you ship orders?  Orders placed before 3pm EST are shipped the next business day. Sundays and Holidays are the exception, because Postal Carriers are closed on those days.  

Things don't taste the same today as they did yesterday.  What's wrong?  The most basic answer to this is hydration.  Believe it or not, hydration is KEY in getting the best flavor from your e-liquid (mine, or anyone else's.)  Vaping dehydrates you a lot more than smoking, and the dehydration sneaks up on you.  My advice is to drink lots and lots of water, make sure you are eating well, and get some good rest.  I think you will find a dramatic difference in the taste of your e-liquid.
Where are the e-Cigs?  I can't find them on your website!  This is such a common question, that I gave it it's own page!!  Please see HERE for more information about that.
What is Vaping?  Vaping is the term that the e-cigarette community uses to describe inhaling/exhaling e-liquid from an e-cigarette.  It's not smoking, because there's no smoke whatsoever.  If you are vaping e-cig's, you are NOT a smoker... you are a "vaper".
Can I use the same atomizer/coil to try different flavors?  This is a very common mistake that many people make, and unfortunately, the answer is NO.  The reason why, is because once the atomizer/coil is used for a specific flavor of e-Juice, that flavor remains on the coil head for quite some time.  If you immediately add a completely different flavor to the coil head, you are in essense combining the two flavors together when vaping... and you'll never get the "true" taste of the e-Juice.  You CAN try to clean out your atomizer/coils with denatured alcohol between flavors (watch video here) but special care needs to be taken to moisten the atomizer head afterwards, to prevent it from drying out.  Also, please keep in mind that stubborn flavors (such as Fireball, Green Apple Hard Candy, Menthol flavors, etc.) absolutely refuse to leave atomizers/coils, no matter what you do.  The most common practice is to stock up on cheap cartomizers to try out new flavors.  Once you have found a flavor you LOVE, you can use it with your better atomizers, tanks, DCT's, etc., and store them together with that flavor of e-Juice, to avoid getting them mixed up in the future.
What is your favorite e-Juice Flavor? Everyone has different tastes... so I am hesitant to answer this question.  But since everyone keeps asking me, I'll tell you :)  My every-day tobacco flavor was Kinda Sorta Shady. I absolutely loved it.  I have sinced moved on to non-tobacco flavors.  My every-day non-tobacco flavors are Gingerbread Chai, Blueberry Streusel, Sweet Strawberry, Strawberry Shortcake, and Juicy White Peach.  With all of that said, I also love MANY of my other flavors too.  It's really all about YOUR personal tastes... which is why I have so many different flavors available.


Please Contact Us if you have questions that aren't answered above.  Most likely, I will add them in here, so that the information is helpful to others :)

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