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Where are the e-Cigs?

This is the most common question - so I felt it deserved it's own page. :)

You're NOT going blind...  They aren't on here.  Ginger's e-Juice is all about the e-Juice... and our main focus is to provide the highest quality e-Juice possible.  With the e-Cig technology advancing so rapidly, we feel our efforts are best suited to making sure that our eJuice is suitable for every possible application of the advanced e-Cig, as well as developing new and interesting flavors for you to vape, rather than distributing the e-Cigs themselves.

I encourage everyone to contact your local e-Cig store to purchase e-Cigs and e-Cig equipment.  There are MANY different models of e-Cigs, and they all vape differently.  You will be able to test out the different e-cig models right there in person, and decide which model you like the best, before you make a purchase! 

There are SO MANY e-Cig scams out there, and it can be scary to go looking for something on the web by yourself!  (and I don't want ANY of you to get scammed!) Therefore, if you have any questions about e-Cigs, I encourage you to post on the Facebook page so that you can get many helpful opinions from experienced vapers, so that you can make an informed decision.

Happy Vaping, Everyone!! :)

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